This tool will allow you to check if your domain has appropriate DNS records for email authentication.

Each domain host has a unique way of adding/editing DNS records. If you don't know your domain host (e.g. Godaddy), look it up here. After adding the DNS records, enter your domain below to check if everything is working. Note that records can sometimes take a few hours to propagate.

Please be aware that setting up DKIM/SPF/DMARC is not a "boost" for deliverability, and generally you won't see any noticeable improvement to deliverability after setting up authentication. For more information on why you may want to setup authentication for your domain, check out our Domain Authentication help doc.

*You can setup domain authentication for as many domains as necessary. If you have enabled "I will manage my own email authentication", you need to setup authentication for all the From Address domains you use.


Domain Alias (CNAME)

Enter your CNAME domain below. This can be any subdomain of your domain. You should place a CNAME record at this subomdomain that points to YOURACCOUNT.activehosted.com. Typically something like email.mydomain.com. Once this is setup, the subdomain can't be used for anything else.

CNAMES do not have a large impact on deliverability. The most common reason to setup a CNAME is for whitelabeling purposes, because this will change the login and link tracking domain (e.g. activehosted.com) to your own domain.

Need help? Check out our CNAME help doc

CNAME Results
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